Universal Waterproof Case & Pouch



full Specifications: Universal Waterproof Case & Pouch

Compatible Brand: Universal all Phone Models

Features and Function: 

  • Durability – Built with the aim of protecting your mobile phone, the material that this mobile phone cover is made from guarantees total protection. The cover is durable and can work well in water as deep as 30 metres. It can also comfortably waterproof your phone without damage in water as hot as 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Sleek design – A mobile phone cover says a lot about a person’s sense of style. This cover guarantees that your phone gets you noticed and envied anytime you pull it out. The phone cover also comes in packages containing four items. These are all different colors which allow you to have a galore of covers to pick from depending on your theme of the day.
  • Easy to use – Mobile phones are about convenience, and as such any cover to be used on a mobile phone should help advance the same. This mobile cover is easy to open and close by just sliding buttons at the top. This allows you to slip your phone inside or out of the cover in a matter of seconds.
  • No obstruction – With this phone cover, you don’t have to worry about a minimized screen view or blocked camera range. The mobile phone cover is designed to make the use of your phone as seamless as possible.
  • Enough room –The mobile phone cover fits any mobile phone under 6.5in comfortably. This allows you to fit in your mobile phone without having doubts about whether it will fit in it. Space is guaranteed, and you can use the cover for any smartphone regardless of the make.

hight quality High Quality: Made with the best TPU material resulting in a soft, durable, and flexible finish for your phone.

Design / Material: Clear, Colorful, Transparent / High-Quality Soft IMD

full Custom Design: A one of a kind design crafted by our artists in NYC then layered on top of high-grade matte TPU material. 


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